Bethlehem, Free State , South Africa

Bethlehem is a town in the Free State Province of South Africa that is situated in a fertile

Bethlehem is a town in the Free State Province of South Africa that is situated in a fertile valley of the Maluti Mountains on the N5 highway. Bethlehem is a wheat growing area and hence the name Bethlehem (from "Beit Lechem", Hebrew for "house of bread").

The population of Bethlehem is around 65000

Bethlehem in South Africa is the largest commercial, industrial and educational centre in the eastern Free State and by tradition the northern terminus of the ‘mountain route’. The original settlers found that wheat flourished in the valley and hence the town was named Bethlehem (house of bread). The development of Bethlehem was given a boost when it was connected by rail to Bloemfontein, Harrismith and Johannesburg.

Approximately 8 kms from Bethlehem there is a cairn of rocks which is very significant to the Sotho people of Lesotho. On their way to work at the Witwatersrand gold mines, the workers would drop a stone on the pile to ask their ancestors to protect them from accidents in the mines. On the way home across the border to Lesotho they would once again drop a stone on the pile to thank their ancestors for a safe journey.

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